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Cool Breeze Marine - The Prop Specialists where you can ''Go with the best or stay on shore with the rest!'' We can handle all your boats propeller repair, performance, or replacement needs. We are a multifaceted business with our main emphasis on propeller repair and sales of new and used props. We are the ONLY certified, most advanced and largest propeller repair facility in the Lake of the Ozarks & a member of the National Marine Propeller Association. We have been in business at the lake for almost 30 years. We are the largest, best equipped & most advanced propeller repair facility in the lake area, repairing props up to 40 inches in diameter and up to 8 blades. Now our shop features the All New Linden Propeller Prop Press 360 with the Digital Data Scan Arm and TrueProp Software developed by TrueProp Software LLC (the sister company to HydroComp Inc.). We are bringing 21st Century prop repair to The Lake of the Ozarks. We are an Authorized Mercury Propeller Repair Shop. Services Offered: Propeller Repair, New & Refurbished Propeller Sales, Prop Hardware, Prop Tools, Propeller Modifications, Propeller Scanning, Propeller Surveys, Propeller Demonstration, Customer Referral Program, Welding Services, Propeller Hub Replacement, Free Prop Consultation and much much more. The days of propeller shops heating blades to repair propellers is over. When you heat a prop to repair it you ruin the integrity of the metal causing the prop to become weak. Don't use a propeller repair facility that is going to ruin your prop to repair it. Boat Smarter, Go Farther, Last Longer.


Advanced Propeller Repair
Our props make winners! Shootout champs!!
The latest in propeller inspection Software. TrueProp Software!
Boat Smarter, Go Farther, Last Longer. We can help you save on fuel just by repairing or modifying your propellers.
Bring your prop to us for proper propeller repair.
The Linden Propeller PropPress 360 w/ Digital Date Scanning & running TrueProp Software is the most advanced propeller repair equipment in the world. Hydraulic arms bend the propeller blade like butter. No longer does a propeller repair shop need to resign yo using heat to repair your prop. If your prop repair shop uses heat for repair, they are ruining your propeller. You should only use a repair shop that respects the integrity of your propeller.
We like big props. We like small props. We like all props. Got Props? We Do!
We have partnered with Feeding Lake of the Ozarks to help end food insecurities in our community.  Stop in with your non-perishable food items and you can enter to win a gift.  Help us feed Missouri.
Reasons You Should Use NMPA Members For Your Boat Propeller Repair!
We love it when our customers walk around in our Got Props? T-shirts!
NMPA Certified Member
We like big props and we can not lie!!!
Lake Of The Ozarks Strong!!
Visit us for all your propeller repair needs!
We are an Authorized Mercury Propeller Repair Facility and Mercury Propeller Dealer
We are a Mercury Racing Propeller Dealer
We are an ACME Propeller Dealer
We are a Michigan Wheel Propeller Dealer
We are an OJ Propeller Dealer
We sell propellers and propeller accessories. Nuts, Lock Rings, Cotter Keys, Hub Inserts, Rubber Hubs, Thrust Washers, Exhaust Plugs, Prop Wrenches, Prop Pullers, Prop Cases and much much more!

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